All about the theatre

For the first time the genre of the ‘tourist guide’ has been applied to theatre.

The result is a journey through the modern temples of the actual, material culture, where the community is truly alive.

At the same time theatres are architectural structures that are able to disclose traces of old civilizations, wonderful locations to spend an evening and let ourselves be shown the very essence of life in the city, thanks to their history and their shows.

But the show ends, life goes on… and we will be ready to recommend you clubs and excellent restaurants.

Once again, the theatre and the city: a dynamic continuum strongly connected with the era and with the urban pattern where it is located.

This is what one can feel in theatres worldwide.

How many times visiting a European capital have you wondered: «Where are the theatres?», «Which shows would I like best?», «Which actors?».

At this point stay in your hotel or read our tourist guide.

This collection has been designed and realized together with Andrea Porcheddu and will show us around all over the world: New York, Berlin, London, Tunis, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Prague…

Welcome to Milan!

Milan is the location of the Universal Exposition 2015; the capital of fashion; the city of Strehler, Testori, Ronconi and Fo; the headquarters of the ‘marionette army’, created by the Colla family two hundred years ago.

In the parterres and on the stages of Milan it is possible to meet the theatre of the past and the theatre of the present.

All about the theater in Milan.

A whole city waiting to be discovered, an «orange» waiting to be peeled.

Text by Erica Battelani.

Oliviero Ponte di Pino

He has been working for more than thirty years in the publishing industry and has been head editor for Garzanti from 2001 to 2012.

He has written on newspapers and magazines and directed radio and television programmes for Rai (Italian Radio-television).

He has created festivals, curated exhibitions and organised cultural events and shows.

He is professor of Literature and Philosophy of the Theatre at Brera Academy and of Basics of Modern and Contemporary Theatre at IULM University.

He has been directing the project BookCity Milano since 2012.

In 2001 he created the website

Among his most recent publications there are: Chi non legge questo libro è un imbecille (1999, new edition 2014), Le buone pratiche del teatro (written with Mimma Gallina in 2014), Comico e politico. Beppe Grillo e la crisi della democrazia (2014).

Maddalena Giovannelli

She is a researcher at the University of Milan, where she carries out studies about theatre literature in Ancient Greece and about classical theatre reception on present-day theatre scene.

In 2007 she founded the magazine «Stratagemmi – prospettive teatrali».

She has collaborated with «Il Manifesto» and she is editor for the online newspaper «Dionysus ex machina».

She is currently working with «Hystrio» and with the section Scene of «Doppiozero».

She holds workshops about basics of theatre critique in Milan high schools (in particular within the project Acrobazie Critiche).